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Dealer Auto Transport

We do Dealer Auto Transport nationwide. AM PM Auto Transport has a partnership with dealerships and shipping companies among US 50 States. We are certified by the US DOT (Department of Transportation). AM PM Auto Transport’s staff does everything to follow DOT’s guidelines. At AM PM we work only with fast fleets. Our trucks are regularly inspected and in good shape.

Dealer Auto Transport

Dealer Transport Services

Dealer to dealer auto transport is meant to help customers to purchase their desired car from any dealer. Many times we find the car that we want to buy at one dealer, but not the right color or some other things. So what to do? At AM PM Auto Transport we can help you to get your desired vehicle from any dealer among the 50 States. Our prices are affordable and always negotiable. We have special discounts, you just need to contact us and we will make sure you stay happy and satisfied.

Dealership to Show Vehicle Transport

Many dealerships need to ship cars from factories to shows. AM PM Auto Transport can ship it to any shows nationwide. We’ve done many shipments for many shows. Many of the dealers are AM PM’s returning customers through the years. Dealer auto transport has become a tradition for many dealers. No matter where the factory is and where the coming show is going to be, AM PM can assist you. If you need to transport several vehicles at the same we can arrange it. We can place 6 cars in an enclosed trailer and about twice more in an open carrier. However, cars that are to be shipped to shows are mostly transported enclosed. We have shipped vehicles for such shows like SEMA SHOW, APEX SHOW in Las Vegas. Some other shows like The Chicago Auto Show, The Charlotte Auto Fair, State Fair of Texas Auto Show and much more.

At AM PM Auto Transport we not only try to make great deals with auto transport but also to make customers use the services more than once. It’s always important for us to get positive reviews from you. AM PM’s customer service is very professional and our shipping coordinators have long years of experience. If you have any questions or you are shopping around, the best thing you can do is to give us a call.

Port To Dealer

We pick up from the port of Hueneme and deliver it to Pacific BMW like in the in the picture above. Our drivers are specialized in dealer auto transport. They all pass a drug test and a physical exam before getting hired. Our drivers are authorized to enter the port. They’re all required to carry TWIC card.


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