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Open Car Transport

AM PM Auto Transport can help you with your open car transport. There may be many reasons for relocation. Let’s say, you’ve found a new job in another state, need to study or simply want to move. AM PM Auto Transport can assist you with moving your vehicle. You’ll have two options to choose from which are to drive the car yourself or to trust a car moving company.

Of course, if you don’t trust the transporting company, you may drive yourself. But let’s think about the danger that you can put yourself in while driving on US highways. So what can you do? Spend sleepless nights and restless days driving or just calmly travel with no worries? Once you decided to trust an auto shipping company, it is important to find an affordable and a reliable one. AM PM Auto transport is promising to be your partner from open car transport beginning till the end. Our auto transport services include open car transport and enclosed car transport.

Open Car Transport

Open car transport means that the car is going to be shipped by an open car transport carrier. It will be safely attached to the flatbed. You may have seen those trucks in highways. They are usually double or single decker car transporting trailers. Open car transport is the most common way of vehicle transport. In general, it’s safe and secure but it’ll be exposed to weather conditions.

There is a very little chance that your car can be damaged but it can also happen while you drive the car yourself. However, AM PM Auto Transport has insurance, and once we pick up your vehicle, we take care of it till it’s delivered to your desired location. AM PM Auto Transport hires the best drivers who have experience of driving trucks. Before your car is picked up, it’s a good idea to remove all important documents and items. There’re some special vehicles that are best to be transported enclosed. You can read more info by visiting our enclosed car transport page.

Open car transport is the cheapest auto transport option. Which also makes it the most common one. With AM PM Auto Transport you will also have insurance so you won’t have to stress about it. Or you can consider choosing more expensive enclosed car transport. In that case, your car will be transported in an enclosed trailer for better safety. It’s the right method for luxury, classic or sports cars. To make the right choice, just call our friendly agents to discuss all available options.

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