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Cost to Ship a Car

One of the main factors a customer always pays attention to is the price. It’s the same with car transport. The cost to ship a car affects a client’s decision in choosing an auto shipping company. We tend to go for a lower price. But as a matter of fact, that is not always the best strategy. You better look for car carriers with good ratings and auto transport reviews. Only when you have done some research, it is safe to choose. Aim for the best price from the best auto movers. Dealing with unreliable car carriers can lead to extra expenses and stress.Cost to ship a car

What the Cost to Ship a Car Depends on

There are several aspects that affect the price of car shipping. The sum of these aspects is the final quote you get from an agent.

The first aspect is, apparently, what kind of vehicle you want to ship. The type of the vehicle and its make and model will affect the final price. If it is a heavy duty vehicle, it will be more expensive to ship. It also matters if the vehicle is operable. If it’s not, the price will also go up.

Another aspect of creating the price is the route. And it is not just about the distance. Some routes are less common than others and therefore pricier. It is easier to find car carriers for more popular routes.

The method of auto transport is another important aspect of the price. There are two ways you can ship your car: using Open Car Transport or Enclosed Auto Shipping.

Open Car Transport is widely used and is the most common method of Auto Transport. It is also cheaper than shipping a vehicle enclosed. When you ship with Open Auto Transport, your car is transported in an open trailer. It’s a secure way of Auto Transport, although your vehicle will be exposed to weather conditions. It will also get some road dust.

Enclosed Auto Shipping is another method of Car Transport. It is usually used for Classic Auto Transport and Exotic Car Shipping. Enclosed trailers are used for this method of Auto Shipping. It ensures absolute protection for the vehicle. If you choose Enclosed Auto Transport, it will raise a cost to ship a car.


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AM PM agents will be happy to assist you and provide you with a cost to ship a car. You can also get a free quote from us here on our website. We work hard to provide our customers with the best deals from the most reliable auto movers. And if you have a quote from a different carrier, let us know! We will do our best to beat that price.

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