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Dealer Auto Transport

Dealer auto transport is a tremendously convenient service… And this is why. Sometimes the car you’ve got your eye on just isn’t available at your local dealer. In fact, maybe it’s located halfway across the country. In that scenario do you really want to fly all the way there and drive your brand new, apple-of-your-eye, car all the way home? Of course, you don’t.

With our transport services, your car can be picked at any dealer in the U.S. and transported directly back to your home. This will prevent damage and mileage from accruing on your new vehicle.

Even better, having been a respected leader in the business for over 12 years, we’ve partnered with a number of dealers throughout the years. These relationships further enhance the ease with which we ship your automobile.

Dealer Auto Transport

Dealer Auto Transport with AMPM

Dealer auto transport is a service meant to provide maximum convenience for the customer. At AMPM we know the vehicle a person wants isn’t always in their own backyard. Often you have to go and hunt it down. With that in mind, AMPM offers the convenience of going and directly picking up that faraway vehicle directly from the dealer lot.

We provide the same secure, safe, environment as with any of our other deliveries. Again, our aim at AMPM is to save you valuable time, eliminate hassle, and also ultimately save you money. Plus, we provide both open and enclosed car transport options and our standard service is always door-to-door. We’ll also handle any vehicle across the board: vans, trucks, and RVs. And, if the automobile you’ve purchased is of the luxury variety, you might want to consider our exotic auto transport.

Contact AMPM today and we’ll set you up with expert dealer auto transport!

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