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Bismarck Car Transport

Bismarck is North Dakota’s capital and second-largest city. It sits near the center of the state along the Missouri River. Its current population is around 74,000.

Moving to Bismarck is easy with AMPM’s help!

As North Dakota’s capital, Bismarck functions as the cultural heart of the state. This goes far beyond just the North Dakota State Capitol Building, whose unassuming outside gives way to a lovely interior. You can also celebrate the culture of the Peace Garden State at places like the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum. You can engage with its history at Buckstop Junction, a historic town on Bismarck’s east side. And you can look towards North Dakota’s future, too, at North Dakota’s Gateway to Science.

Bismarck also has a large and diverse park system. General Sibley Park and Campground is a lovely camping site just a bit outside of the city proper. Lions Park to the east of the city is a much more urban park, complete with a disc golf course and a small water park. And more than 150,000 people visit Bismarck’s acclaimed Dakota Zoo every year.

Like the rest of North Dakota, Bismarck experiences some serious weather extremes. Its winters are long, snowy, and very cold. In the summer, it warms up significantly, but it also gets wet. The city typically gets some thunderstorms in the warmer months, too.

Choose AMPM to Transport Your Car in Bismarck, N.D.

There are plenty of reasons for people to move to Bismarck. Whatever your reason may be for moving here, you’ll need a car shipping service that caters to your needs. AMPM Auto Transport strives to be this car shipper for the entirety of North Dakota. We can pick up your car from anywhere and bring it right to your new doorstep in Bismarck with ease.

With AMPM, you can get so much more than just a basic car shipment. Our team includes knowledgeable dispatchers, DOT filing experts, and even insurance professionals. Therefore, we can guarantee that we’ll provide you with the finest car shipping service that you’ll find anywhere. And to top it all off, it won’t break the bank! We know that our dedication to your happiness shines through in our work, so get in touch to experience what auto transport can be.

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