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Bridgeport Car Shipping

The Black Rock Harbor Light at sunset.

Bridgeport is a major port city in southwestern Connecticut. It is the largest city in Connecticut, with a population of around 148,000 people.

Bridgeport sits along the Long Island Sound. Visitors can take the Port Jefferson Ferry across the way for a lovely view of the water and the Long Island coast. Many also enjoy Bridgeport’s famous Seaside Park, home to the Black Rock Harbor Light, a stone lighthouse built in 1823.

Bridgeport is home to Connecticut’s only zoo, the Beardsley Zoo. Originally a park, the zoo began operations in the 1920s. It has been a destination for Connecticut families ever since, with an estimated annual attendance of around 250,000 people.

Bridgeport experiences long, hot summers and winters during which temperatures can dip into the single digits Fahrenheit. It tends to get snowfall from December through March, with a peak in February.

AMPM Car Shipping in Bridgeport

Are you considering a move to Bridgeport? Then take the hassle of moving your car off your plate by utilizing AMPM Auto Transport! Our team of drivers knows what people want out of their car transport experience. They want professionalism, safety, and efficiency. With our combination of incredible drivers and helpful phone agents, AMPM guarantees that we’ll achieve these goals every time!

Moving is hard enough as it is. Whether you’re moving to a new home or moving your business to a new office, there are tons of things you’ll need to keep track of. So why make things harder on yourself by continuing to worry about your car? AMPM Auto Transport can take the load off your back and get your car to your destination with ease. That way, you’ll be able to worry about the things you need to.

Need more convincing that our service is the best in the business? Our team works closely with DOT Operating Authority to ensure that our record of safety remains sterling. We’re not just compliant with safety regulations; we make sure that our drivers understand that safety is the most important thing to us.

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