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Church Street is one of Burlington’s most iconic spots.

Burlington is the largest city in Vermont, with an estimated population of 45,000. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain in northeastern Vermont, Burlington is Vermont’s de facto cultural capital.

There are a lot of really enjoyable things to do in Burlington. Lake Champlain dominates the city’s skyline, and it’s appropriately one of the city’s biggest draws. Places like Waterfront Park are great for taking in the view of this massive lake. If you’re more of a shopper, you should definitely go see the Church Street Marketplace, Burlington’s local shopping hub. And Burlington is home to the University of Vermont, one of the oldest universities in the country. Stop here to see the Fleming Museum of Art and some of the university’s iconic buildings!

If you travel to Burlington in the summer, you can expect warm weather and occasional rain. However, in the winter, it gets incredibly cold in Burlington. The city also gets a large amount of snowfall, around 90 inches per year.

Shipping a Car to Burlington with AMPM Auto Transport

AMPM Auto Transport is the best way to get any vehicle to or from Burlington. We work hard every day to help Americans from all over the country move quickly and safely to their new homes. With our team on your side, the worry of figuring out how to get your vehicles anywhere will vanish!

At AMPM, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the exceptional work that we do. That’s because, from the top down, our team has one goal in mind: making our customers happy. After all, we started as a family-run small business. From the beginning, we built up this business to work for customers alone. No matter what you and your family need, AMPM is more than happy to deliver.

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