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Duluth Car Shipping

The city of Duluth is known for its beauty.

Duluth is a city on the southwestern shore of Lake Superior. It is the largest city in northern Minnesota. Its population is around 86,000.

Duluth is known as a city of impressive natural beauty. Much of this reputation is due to its shoreline along Lake Superior. To experience this beautiful lake, visitors often head to Park Point. This long, narrow island is the city’s hub for beachgoers and hikers. In order to access Park Point, you have to drive across the Aerial Lift Bridge, another popular tourist destination in the city. If you drive all the way to the end of the island, you can view the old Minnesota Point Lighthouse and even catch views of Wisconsin across the water.

One of Duluth’s most popular sight-seeing destinations is the North Shore Scenic Drive. This drive begins near Brighton Beach and extends northwards for over 150 miles to Two Harbors, MN. Along the way, drivers can take in beautiful views of Lake Superior and some lovely parks and falls. The gem of the drive is a little bit beyond Two Harbors, however. Gooseberry Falls State Park is one of the region’s most gorgeous sights.

Duluth isn’t just for looking at things, though. It also has some great things to do! Duluth is also home to the only all-freshwater aquarium in the country, the Great Lakes Aquarium. Near the aquarium, transportation afficionados can head to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and experience its lovely train exhibits. And if you find yourself in Duluth around Christmas time, make sure to walk through the Bentleyville Tour of Lights.

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