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AMPM Insurance

Good certified companies always have liability insurance. It is legally required for every company to have an insurance certificate. When you work with an auto transport company for the first time, feel free to ask about their policy.

Of course, your own car insurance may partly cover possible damages from shipping. However, when you work with AMPM Auto Transport, we have you covered! With us you’re fully insured for anything that can happen to your car during transport.

fully cover Car Insurance
We provide bumper to bumper car insurance

AMPM Auto Transport’s Insurance Approach

When you move your car, you want to be sure it is safe. At AMPM, we know that and make everything we can to deliver your car securely. We want it to get back to you exactly as you gave it to us. We always make sure we take proper care of your vehicle. For that reason, we hire only the drivers who went through a rigorous screening. Also, our trucks are inspected regularly. Our clients can rely on us. Because of that, when we pick up the vehicle, we carefully check it first. If we find any damages, we mark them. If there’s an accident (though the chance is only 0.2%) while we ship your car, you don’t need to worry. AMPM Auto transport offers 100% insurance on all vehicles we transport.

When you trust your car to an auto transport company, you’ve got to be sure it has proper insurance. And AMPM Auto Transport can promise you that! Over the years we keep our customers happy. We assisted thousands of people with their car transport. Just relax and let us do what we do best. With us, you will know no stress. We are looking forward to serving you!

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AMPM Auto Transport’s Liability

You may want to know more specifics about AMPM’s Auto Transport liability services. AMPM Auto Transport has insurance of open transport with at least $1 million liability. The insurance of cargo starts from $ 100.000 to $1 million. Meanwhile, enclosed transport is $1 million and $500.000 to $1 million for cargo. 

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