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Keene Car Transport

Keene is a city in southern New Hampshire. It is the seat of Cheshire County, and has a population of around 23,000.

Keene is a great place for those who love New England’s beautiful forests and countryside. Hikers often enjoy the Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail, a winding hiking trail following a historic rail line. The Cheshire trail runs from Beech Hill past the Cheshire Children’s Museum, another popular local destination, and nearly extends to the Vermont state line. Another rail trail, the Ashuelot Rail Trail, branches off from the Cheshire Trail at the museum. This trail takes hikers south out of Keene, extending around 13 miles into Winchester.

The city of Keene also has much to offer. Its historic Central Square serves as the city’s commercial hub, providing retail shopping and lots of restaurants to enjoy. The Colonial Theatre is a restored 1920s-era theater that has concerts and movie screenings. And because of Keene’s typical harsh New England winters, it is a popular skiing destination for much of the year, with visitors flocking to Granite Gorge Mountain Park’s slopes.

AMPM is happy to serve Keene!

Keene car transport is made easy by AMPM.

Moving is an incredibly complicated and stressful process, but thankfully, we’re here to help! AMPM Auto Transport knows how to make your moving process much less taxing, both on you and your wallet. Our car shipping services aren’t just the best in New England, but they come at an unbeatable price. No matter if you choose to beef up your car transport order with enhanced transport security or if you just want the standard open transport, our prices will leave you glad you chose the pros.

How does AMPM provide such a service at such a low rate? For that, we have to thank our affiliates. Our team works closely with the filing experts at DOT Operating Authority in order to ensure our complete compliance with DOT rules and regulations. Thanks to their help, our team never has any issues with our drivers staying compliant. We know that their documentation is always up-to-date.

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