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Lake Havasu City Car Transport

A Balloon Festival balloon over Lake Havasu.

Right on the California border, Lake Havasu City has a population of around 57,000 people. Known for its water features and tourist attractions, the city is a popular destination for those looking for fun in the sun.

The lake that gives the city its name, Lake Havasu, is a part of the Colorado River. Like Goose Lake to the north, these lakes are popular destinations for water sports fans. This makes the lake and the city popular destinations for college students on their breaks and snowbirds escaping the winter.

Lake Havasu City’s biggest attraction is the London Bridge. Originally built in the 1830s in London, businessman and city planner Robert McCullough purchased the bridge in 1968 and transported it, piece-by-piece, over the course of three years. This unique destination draws thousands of tourists to the city every year.

The city also hosts the annual Havasu Balloon Festival, when people flock to the city to see the sky lit up with colorful hot air balloons. As ballooners launch throughout the day, you can sit back and watch all of the beautiful colors into the night!

Boaters enjoy the lake on a sunny day.

AMPM is happy to serve Lake Havasu City!

Every once in a while, we need to make a move. Whether that’s a temporary move for the season or a permanent relocation, very few people never relocate during their lifetimes. That’s why we offer fantastic car transport services to all the people of Lake Havasu City!

Here at AMPM, we dedicate ourselves to helping you get your car where it needs to go with ease. After all, we want you to be satisfied with our work! That’s why we offer a wide range of services to our customers. We want to ensure that we provide a service that people need!

In Lake Havasu City, that means that we do a lot of boat transports on top of our usual car orders. The lake brings people from all over the state, and AMPM helps them get their boats there. No matter where you’re coming from, from nearby Mohave Valley to Las Vegas to anywhere in the nation, AMPM will help you get what you need transported.

Call us today to see why AMPM Auto Transport is the #1 auto shipping company in the U.S.!