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New Bedford Car Transport

AMPM provides the best car transport in New Bedford.

New Bedford is a port city in Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts. With a population of more than 101,000 people, New Bedford is Massachusetts’s ninth-largest city.

Famous for being the setting of Herman Melville’s famous novel, Moby Dick, New Bedford has a deep connection to the sea. It was historically a major port for the U.S. whaling industry, and the New Bedford Whaling Museum chronicles this history. It sits in a larger park that includes other maritime destinations like the Fishing Heritage Center. And if you want to experience the ocean firsthand, you can take a ferry from the waterfront to Nantucket and Cuttyhunk.

New Bedford has many other exciting sights to see, though. For example, Popes Island is a lovely place to take in some of the culture of this lovely seaside city. The city’s southernmost point is Fort Taber Park, which features long stretches of greenspace and a museum chronicling the history of the two forts at this location, Fort Rodman and Fort Taber.

The presence of Buzzards Bay moderates temperatures in New Bedford somewhat compared to other Massachusetts cities. Its winters are cold and its summers tend to be hot and humid.

AMPM Auto Transport in New Bedford, MA

New Bedford is an old, picturesque city that boasts a multicultural population. If that appeals to you, then you might consider moving to New Bedford. If you don’t want to pull your hair out worrying about what to do with your car, then give AMPM Auto Transport a call! Our transport experts can schedule a pick-up for you in minutes and deliver your car in no time.

AMPM strives to make car transport as easy and as stress-free as possible. That’s why we plan for everything that may come up during your shipment. We check all potential routes we may send your car on to ensure that no major traffic incidents will hold up your shipment. We also check the weather throughout the process and plan accordingly to avoid any serious delays. And if anything should happen to your car, know that our insurance affiliates will cover it completely. We wouldn’t be the best car transport company in New England if we couldn’t guarantee the safety of your pocketbook when you trust us with your car.

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