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Norfolk Car Shipping

The city at night is a beautiful sight!

Norfolk is a large city near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. With 238,000 residents, it’s one of the largest municipalities in Virginia, though it’s the third-largest in the Hampton Roads area.

Norfolk’s position on the Chesapeake Bay makes it very strategically important, and its biggest attractions reflect that. The biggest attraction in Norfolk is Nauticus, a vivid museum chronicling the history of the U.S. Navy in Norfolk. Here, visitors can tour the Battleship Wisconsin, one of the last U.S. battleships ever built. Near Nauticus is the Chrysler Museum of Art, an impressive museum housing most of the former collection of one of the heirs to the Chrysler fortune. And the MacArthur Memorial is another excellent historical destination, containing tons of information about the life of General Douglas MacArthur. If you’re a history buff, Norfolk is a great place to be.

Weather-wise, Norfolk has a typical climate for the southeastern U.S. Hot and humid summers give way to cool winters. Its position right on the Atlantic Ocean does help to moderate these temperatures, though.

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Norfolk, Virginia, is a lovely city with a lot to offer, from lovely views to deep history. If Norfolk is calling to you, then you’ll want someone to help you move. After all, moving your whole life by yourself is a huge hassle, and it can stress you out massively.

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