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Salina Car Transport

Salina is a city in central Kansas near the interchange of Interstates 70 and 135. Its population of just under 47,000 residents makes it Kansas’ tenth-largest city.

AMPM happily serves the people of Salina!

The Smoky Hill River runs through the city of Salina and therefore exerts a large influence over the city. Lots of popular public spaces sit along the banks of the river. Indian Rock Park sits along the western bank of the river and allows for a lovely picnic in the city. It also marks the highest point in the surrounding area, providing views of the skyline. Further up the river’s course is Lakewood Park, which contains a lake and an urban wildlife sanctuary.

Salina has plenty of other attractions to offer. The Rolling Hills Zoo west of the city is a popular spot for families. Its adjacent museum is well-regarded by locals. The Smoky Hill Museum displays exhibits telling the story of Salina’s history back to 1879. And the Stiefel Theatre for the Performing Arts connects Salina with the fine arts in a beautiful building. It also has the added benefit of being across the street from Martinelli’s, a popular family-owned Italian restaurant.

Salina is far from any major body of water or mountain range, making its weather fairly extreme. Its hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters test even the hardiest of people. It also experiences extreme weather, including tornadoes, from time to time. However, those who enjoy all four seasons won’t be disappointed.

Salina car transport with AMPM.

Salina is a lovely mid-size city with a small-town feel to it. If you and your family want to live somewhere with a relaxed vibe, Salina might be the place for you. If you decide to pull the trigger and move to Salina, it would be a good idea to give your car transport over to AMPM. Driving your car yourself can damage your car and even put your family in danger. Don’t risk it! Let the professionals handle it.

With AMPM’s accredited and professional drivers, your car will be in good hands. The whole way, from your city of origin to your destination, our drivers will keep an eye on your car at all times. Whether you choose open or enclosed transport, you won’t have to worry about a thing. AMPM Auto Transport has a flawless safety record for a reason. We only work with drivers who share our devotion to the safety of your cars at all times.

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