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Salinas is a city in the state of California located in Salinas County. The population was 157,218 as of 2016.

Salinas, unlike many California cities, has cool weather. It’s also foggy sometimes here. In spite of that Salinas air is some of the cleanest in the country. It does occasionally get rainy here, but it never snows.

Salinas offers an old town vibe. And if you love rodeo, it’s a great place to settle down. Here you can enjoy one of the top American rodeos, California Rodeo.

The city has plenty to offer besides rodeos. For instance, it’s home to the National Steinbeck Center if you’re a lover of literature. Or, you can spend a worthwhile afternoon at Toro Park.

AMPM Salinas Car Transport

So, are you moving to Salinas? Relocating or planning a long business trip? If the answer is ‘yes’, AMPM Auto Transport is here to help you with all your Salinas auto transport needs!

We’re a respected and reliable car shipping provider, able to offer a variety of car shipping services. We can equip you with both open or enclosed car transport. Each service is fast and efficient and even better, our track record of safety is among the best in the business. We’ll ship your car door-to-door so there’s one thing less to worry about when moving.

AMPM can ship your vehicle to and from anywhere in the United States. So free yourself from the hassle and stress by relying on our dependable services. We’ll set you up with exotic car shipping, auction auto shipping, or even dealer car transport depending on your unique circumstances. Best of all, our prices are easily some of the most reasonable in the industry.

Some of our other Salinas Car Transport services:

Bus Shipping

Express Car Shipping

Trailer Shipping

Snowbird Services

And many other useful Salinas Auto Shipping services.

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