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Get excellent car transport in Salinas with AMPM!

Get reliable Salinas car transport with AMPM!

Salinas is a city in northern California. With a population of around 164,000 people, it is the largest city in Monterey County, of which it is the seat.

Salinas’ weather is influenced by the Pacific Ocean eight miles away. It’s cooler than the state’s often sweltering interior, and it can sometimes be foggy here. The air in Salinas is some of the cleanest in the country despite the prevalence of agriculture.

Salinas offers an old town vibe to visitors and residents alike. Here you can enjoy one of the top American rodeos, California Rodeo Salinas, which has been active since 1911 and was the site of the ProRodeo Tour Finale in 2021. There are also plenty of rodeo-adjacent events to enjoy each year, including a cowboy ball.

The city has plenty to offer besides rodeos. Salinas is the birthplace of famed writer John Steinbeck and provides the setting for his classic novel, East of Eden. Take a look at the National Steinbeck Center if you’re a lover of literature. Or, you can spend a worthwhile afternoon hiking through the trails of the 4,700-acre Toro Park.

AMPM Salinas Car Transport

So, are you moving to Salinas? Relocating or planning a long business trip? No matter your reason, AMPM Auto Transport is here to help you with all your Salinas auto transport needs!

We’re a respected and reliable car shipping provider that offers a variety of safe and efficient car shipping services. We can equip you with either open or enclosed car transport depending on your specific needs. We’ll ship your car door-to-door anywhere in the country, so you have one thing less to worry about when moving. Each and every service we offer is fast and reliable, and our track record for safety is among the best in the business. When your car transport company can safely transport the machines that power heavy industry, you know they can handle your car with ease.

So, free yourself from the hassle and stress of transporting your car by relying on our dependable services. You won’t be disappointed, as everyone at AMPM, from our incredible drivers to our customer service agents, is dedicated to your satisfaction. Best of all, our prices are easily some of the most reasonable in the industry.

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