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Tacoma is a city at the southern end of the Puget Sound in Washington State. It has a population of around 219,000, making it the state’s third-largest city behind Seattle and Spokane.

tacoma car transport
Mount Rainier looms large in Tacoma’s skyline.

Tacoma is the lesser-known sister city of Seattle, but it has more than enough of its own charm. For example, Tacoma’s Museum of Glass exhibits many great works of glassblowing art that visitors can thoroughly enjoy. At the northwestern tip of the city, Point Defiance Park provides great views of the water, a zoo, and a living history museum. And car fiends will love LeMay – America’s Car Museum. This four-story museum is paradise for anyone who loves the history and beauty of cars and car culture. There’s plenty to do in Tacoma, and it’s a beautiful place to be.

Tacoma has the rainy climate that the Pacific Northwest is known for. While much of the year can be dreary and gray, it never gets too cold here due to the water. And summers in Tacoma are mild and gorgeous, providing the perfect weather to explore the region’s beautiful forests.

AMPM: The Number 1 Tacoma Car Transport Company

There are tons of reasons why many people are choosing to move to Tacoma. From its affordability to its lovely scenery, Tacoma is in high demand for people moving to the Pacific Northwest. No one knows this better than the car shipping professionals at AMPM, Tacoma’s top auto transport company!

AMPM Auto Transport is happy to help anyone ship a vehicle, no matter its shape, size, or condition. Of course, we ship standard four-door sedans for people all the time. However, we can also handle specialty orders, like those we periodically get for military equipment or buses. No order is too complicated for AMPM’s team of auto transport experts to handle with our trademark professionalism!

If you’re interested in moving to Tacoma with professional helpers by your side, contact us today!