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Tennessee is a state ensconced in the southeastern portion of the country. Its capital is Nashville, which also happens to be its biggest city. Memphis is not far behind and is also a popular destination within the state.

In terms of weather, Tennessee summers are hot and muggy, while winters are mild. The driest months tend to be August and October. Most of the moisture comes in the spring and winter. Plus, thunderstorms are common, and tornadoes tend to rear their heads here periodically.

Certainly, Tennessee has managed to charm many people, as both Memphis and Nashville are buzzed-about places. The state has a rich musical history that lives on today. In fact, Beale Street in Memphis gave birth to the blues. Not to mention that the iconic Sun Records is located in this music-steeped city. Here, once-in-a-lifetime musicians like Johnny Cash recorded their hits in the 1950s.

Nashville is also defined by its music. The city is the modern-day center of country music recording. It’s also home to the Country Music Hall of Fame. And in Memphis, you can check out the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of musical sights you can check out. Suffice it to say, Tennessee is a great place to plant roots, in particular if you’re a music lover.

AMPM Tennessee Car Shipping

Nashville is one of the hottest and most talked-about places to live in the country. It’s the country music capital and has a booming food and beverage scene. Tons of people are moving here literally every day. So, if you’re looking to join the caravan of folks settling down in the great state of Tennessee, partner up with AMPM Auto Transport.

With our expert car shipping services, we’ll deliver your car door-to-door. Rather than wasting your time driving across the country to your new home, we’ll conveniently ship your vehicle in the style you prefer. We offer both open and enclosed car transport. The enclosed method is slightly more expensive but guarantees the absolute best protection possible.

By driving your own car across the country, you’re putting unnecessary miles on it. You’re also putting yourself in harm’s way. AMPM eliminates the hassle altogether. We’ll ship commercial vehicles and exotic automobiles, and we’ll even transport military equipment. And the best part is that AMPM has a reputation for timely and safe transport at an affordable cost.

Some of the Tennessee cities that AMPM serves include:

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