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Wilmington Car Shipping

Wilmington’s Riverwalk is one of its most popular sights.

Shipping a car to Wilmington is easy with AMPM!

Wilmington is a city in North Carolina on the Atlantic Coast. Its population of around 116,000 makes it the state’s eighth largest city.

Wilmington is known for being a bustling port city. It sits along the Cape Fear River, and the Wilmington Riverwalk takes people along its eastern shore. Many of the city’s major attractions center around the river, including Battleship North Carolina, a ship museum on the river. This WWII-era battleship is a great place to get in touch with history, as is the Bellamy Mansion. This neoclassical mansion is one of North Carolina’s most notable architectural destinations.

However, Wilmington isn’t just a historical city. It’s also a vibrant and fun city today! From shows at Thalian Hall to the grounds of the beautiful Airlie Gardens, everyone can find something to enjoy in Wilmington.

As for its weather, Wilmington is mostly hot and humid. In fact, its summers are some of the wettest in the country and are subject to the occasional tropical storm.

Shipping a Car to Wilmington with AMPM

AMPM Auto Transport makes your experience of moving to Wilmington far simpler. With services like our door-to-door car shipping, you’ll get to your new home without dealing with the hassle of driving it yourself. Thanks to us, you can focus on all the other aspects of your move while knowing that your car is taken care of.

At AMPM, we pride ourselves on having the best team in the car transport business. We vet our drivers extensively, ensuring they’re fully DOT compliant and share our commitment to safety. Of course, we want to ship your car quickly, too. However, we know that nothing’s worse than giving your car over to a shipping company that handles it poorly. We take safety very seriously and ensure you get the best service every time.

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