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Baton Rouge Car Transport

Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s capital and second-largest city. It had a population of around 228,000 people as of 2020.

The sunset over Baton Rouge

As the capital city of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is home to the Louisiana State Capitol Building, the tallest state capitol in the country. However, this building is relatively young. Its predecessor, the Old State Capitol, is now a popular museum. This castle-like building educates visitors about the history of one of the southeastern U.S.’s most prominent states.

Louisiana State University’s main campus is on the Mississippi River, just south of downtown Baton Rouge. This flagship research university takes up a large part of the southern end of the city and attracts many visitors, especially to LSU Tigers football games. These games take place at Tiger Stadium, one of the largest sports venues in the world. Adjacent to the campus, University Lake is a beautiful lake and nature preserve.

Baton Rouge is an old city with a deep connection to its history as part of the French and later Spanish empires. As a result, Baton Rouge has a lot of great museums to visit, like the LSU Rural Life Museum and the Capitol Park Museum. It also hosts the USS Kidd, a WWII-era destroyer that is now a naval museum.

AMPM Car Transport in Baton Rouge

Do you need an excellent car transport service in the Baton Rouge area? Then look no further than AMPM Auto Transport! When it comes to shipping cars in the southeast, AMPM can’t be beat. We have a well-maintained fleet of car carriers and flatbed haulers that can transport any vehicle you may have anywhere in the country. No matter what the job is, AMPM has the right equipment for it.

Our drivers are the best that the car shipping industry has to offer. At AMPM, we vet our drivers extensively to ensure that they are focused, safe, and thorough. We also work with our sister company, DOT Operating Authority, to make sure our drivers always comply with all relevant regulations for their truck and their driving. AMPM knows that your peace of mind is critical for the car transport process to work, so we do all we can to ensure that you never have anything to worry about.

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