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Our Strengths In Shipping


When you control the top car shipping company in the United States, there’s a couple of tricks you pick up on the way. Such as a long and reliable track record of befriending titans in the logistics industry. Some might prefer to refer to us as a family-run business. We’ve been going on strong since 2006 and enjoy operating our business with the leadership of our management. Everything we know how to do is because of information being passed down from each generation for the benefit of our customers.

AMPM have latest Equipment
We use state of the art Equipment while moving your car


Each truck is in need of the exact equipment that will allow for safe travel of each individual car. And this can be everything from hydraulic lift gates to load-on ramps. It’s basically state-of-the-art equipment. This technology therefore ensures little to no damage of the actual vehicle. We have all sorts of trailers that can handle any delicate vehicle. It’s our dedication to maintaining your vehicle in mint condition that allows us to be able to focus on that very easily. Even our open-air trailers have qualities that you just can’t find on the competition’s so-called “equipment.”

AMPM Insurance Coverage
We provide bumper to bumper Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Save your vehicle from the hazards on the road. We have enough coverage to protect the cars that you need to ship. Because while we don’t plan on it, our team is always ready to keep your vehicles insured on the way over. There’s plenty of random occurrences that can happen in the long haul. So we don’t mind taking responsibility and using any requested insurance policy to protect your auto from any threats that go bump in the night. This includes liability and damage insurance.