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Car Collector auto shipping
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Car Collector

If you have a desire to change out cars for newer and better models, then you should really consider our car collector auto shipping. We know better than anyone how to best transport vehicles that are Hollywood movie cars, eccentric exotic models or even rugged military off-roaders. Whatever you want to collect, we want to ship for you.

When you have to make a choice, you have to go with the best in car collector shipping. We’re not new at this. We’ve actually been shipping cars for years upon years. And our drivers know especially how to make sure every exclusive addition to your collection stays safe and without harm.

The Best in Car Collector Transport

How do we stay the best in car collector auto shipping? What is our secret? Simply enough, there are huge deals that we handle on a daily basis with car collectors. This type of step forward is one that we show enough care and caution towards, so that way we can excel in gaining your trust to move your next batch of collectible and cool cars.

Our team has had to move every kind of exclusive car collectors’ dream. Of course, this includes the Batmobile, a full load of Smart Cars, Teslas, and even a time-traveling DeLorean. Heck, we were even able to load up a Hummer Limousine on top of our trailer. It’s that easy for us.

Trust us with your most careful collectibles under any situation and we promise to supersede your expectations as only a family-run business could. We’ve been doing it for decades anyway. What’s stopping us now?

Our trailers are able to handle a car collector’s dozen of vehicles. This is thanks to drivers offering full load car shipping per collectible load of vehicles, in need of being shipped to a front door. Door-to-door shipping is a beloved add-on as well.

If your collectible is too precious to have out in the open, keep in mind our enclosed auto shipping service. We’re happy to give you those opportunities as well. These include hard-side, soft-side and hotshot transport.

When you’re a car collector and you need car collector auto shipping, turn to us at AMPM Auto Transport. Once you reach us by calling (877) 241-2676 we’ll be happy to fulfill any requests you may have, starting with giving you a FREE Quote.