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Kentucky Car Shipping


Book top-notch auto transport with AMPM’s Kentucky car shipping!

Kentucky is a state located in the southeast area of the United States. It’s one of four commonwealths in the country and its capital is Frankfort. Its largest city is Louisville.

Kentucky’s nickname is the ‘Bluegrass State.’ In terms of weather, this southern state does experience all four seasons. Summer’s are hot and winters are cold and snowy.

Kentucky also happens to be an extremely picturesque state, boasting beautiful green horse farms, particularly in Lexington. It also happens to be rich in history with many museums and even Civil War battlefields that  can be explored. Other sites well worth visiting include the Barton Distillery in Bardstown or Big South Fork Railway.

Where ever you visit in Kentucky its natural beauty will blow you away and have you considering a move soon!

AMPM Kentucky Car Shipping

Kentucky is rich in history and a simply stunningly green state. If you’re considering making it your next home or if you’re simply going to take an extended visit there, let AMPM ship your vehicle. Our company has been handling vehicle transport for over 12 years and are experts at it.

We know how difficult moving can be, and don’t want to see anybody waste time and money moving their vehicle all the way across country to their new home. AMPM Auto Transport will ship door-to-door your vehicle so you can busy yourself with the other details of your move. After all, driving your car to your new location puts wear and tear on the car and it can be downright dangerous.

With expert car shippers like AMPM, the risk of driving your car and the pure hassle of it, is removed. We offer both enclosed and open auto transport and will even provide services to pick your new car up at the dealer where it was purchased. Whatever service you choose, it’s always safe and secure and insurance during transit is provided courtesy of us.

Kentucky is a gorgeous state to make a life. If you decide to do so, you owe it to yourself, to invest in the best auto transport available. AMPM will move your car safely and within the scheduled time-frame. Whether it’s an exotic car or if you’re just visiting and need snowbird services, we’ll take care of it and minimize your worry.

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