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Pennsylvania Car Shipping

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Pennsylvania is a northeastern state in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Its capital is Harrisburg, while Philadelphia is the state’s largest city, as well as the sixth largest in the country.

Pennsylvania is a state that is easy to fall in love with. You could even say it has a little something for everyone to enjoy! The scenery is amazing if you’re looking to simply drive across the state, which could take you past sites like Lake Wallenpaupack or the state’s many state forests. It’s a crucial part of American history, which you can take in at Gettysburg or Independence Hall. And if you just want to have some fun, Pennsylvania’s vibrant food and beer scene or its beloved sports teams are key parts of its culture. So grab a beer at the bar and take in a Phillies or Steelers game!

The weather in the state is decidedly cold in the wintertime, while summers are quite toasty. Of course, the nearer you get to the mountains, the colder it gets and the more likely you’ll see snow in the winter months. Also, tornadoes are frequent in Pennsylvania. In fact, in 2011, the state endured 30 of them.

AMPM Pennsylvania Car Shipping

Pennsylvania is one of the more popular states in the country. And the city of Philadelphia itself is held in equally high regard. So, if you’re a person looking to transition to the state of Pennsylvania, whether for work or college or any other reason, do reach out to AMPM Auto Transport.

AMPM has been a leader in the car shipping industry for over 12 years. We supply expert open and enclosed auto transport so you don’t need to waste valuable time driving your car to your new home. Our standard delivery service is door-to-door, so pretty much all the stress has been removed for you. Just sit back and let our excellent team of trucking professionals get your car where it needs to go.

Additionally, AMPM offers a variety of specialized car shipping services that may target your specific needs. For instance, we supply corporate relocation services if you’re planning to move an entire business. Moreover, we’re experts at shipping exotic vehicles. Certainly, this particular service costs a little bit more, but it ensures your prized vehicle will be thoroughly protected en route to its home.

AMPM happily serves the following cities in Pennsylvania and many more:

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