Sleeping Detection Now Possible Thanks To Futuristic Tech

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What do you think about when you fall asleep on the road? I tend to think that I’m a bit dumb and also a lot more likely to fall into sleeping. But for truckers, the stakes are higher than just getting into an accident. They could lose the cargo, lose their job and lose all credibility as trustworthy drivers.

Well, fret not! Recently there has been a new technology made to show how drowsy drivers are now safer thanks to a sensor. Incorporated into the cabin, this sensor has stopped reckless driving between truck drivers.

The technology itself has been made by Cipia, which was previously known as Eyesight Technologies. They are known for giving in-cabin sensing solutions for automotive. And just now, they’re making a revolutionary device for trucks. It’s Fleet Sense. It’s a device that combines video telematics and driver monitoring. It also brings together artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Please disregard your obvious fears of AI trying to take over the world, by the way. All this AI is doing is just trying to make sure drivers don’t crash their trucks.

Further features included are detection alerts of seatbelt wearing, smoking and cellphone holding.

Fleet Sense is able to track head poses, eyelids, gaze directions and real-time status checks of the driver’s attention and/or sleeping tendencies.

Sleeping at the wheel is a thing of the past

These type of devices have been capable and enabled enough to let dispatch know when these drivers are dozing off. Cipa believes privacy is ultimate on their list of priorities. All video processing is done locally. Depending on the pre-existent configurations, the customer is always able to choose whether or not they can receive text-alerts or video snippets before and after said events. Cipia is doing everything they can to detect sleeping patterns, but rest assured, they never receive any video data.

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