4 Important Things Snowbirds Should Know about Car Shipping

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There are many Snowbirds who need car transport services in every spring and fall since they relocated to better climates. The current blog will help snowbirds and provide them with useful car shipping information by answering their frequently asked questions as well as concerns.
Retirees who wish to avoid the snow and cold temperatures of winter by traveling to a warmer place usually are in need of auto transport services.
Car shipping is not an easy deal and many people avoid shipping their vehicles by themselves. Therefore, they prefer to apply car shipping companies to help them and transport their cars.


Here are some important auto transport facts that each snowbird should know

1. Always remember that not every Car shipping company is as reliable as it presents itself
80% of car transport companies promise you to provide with a high-quality car shipping services, however, they fail to do that. Note that low price is not a guarantee for high-quality service since you get what you pay for.
Always make sure that your vehicle is provided by full insurance by the car shipping company. It will assure that your vehicle will be shipped safe and secure. And the company will be responsible for the vehicle during the whole process of car shipping.


2. Make sure that the Car shipping company has all car shipping types and is able to offer the most convenient type for you
There are many car transport types:
Open car shipping
Enclosed Car shipping
Expedited car Transport, and
Door-to-door car transport
Each of these car shipping methods has its specificities as well as specific prices. Make sure that the car shipping company is offering you the most convenient and cost-effective option since there are many companies that offer you the option which is beneficial for them in terms of charge but not for you and your vehicle


3. Make sure to note the damage on your final bill of lading report
Vehicle damage during shipping is rare, but it happens, unfortunately. Therefore you should note in your final bill of lading report about the damage.
Bill of Lading
The bill of lading is the report that the driver will fill out on pickup, signifying whether there is any pre-existing damage or not. Any damage that occurs in transit should be notified in this report on delivery.


4. Make sure the car shipping company transports all kind of vehicles

t is very important that the car shipping company would have special comports to ship all kinds of vehicles.
AM PM Auto Transport ships all kinds of vehicles:
Motorcycles and etc.


For further question related to your car shipping visit our website or call us on tel:(877) 241-2671.


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