What Determines the Cost to Ship a Car?

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Many factors come in to play when determining the cost to ship your car.


More miles mean more expensive shipping service, in general. Quite often automobiles that need to be transported to a small rural town cost more to ship just because the vehicle is located at an isolated area away from a major highway. But the distance is not always the decisive factor. A vehicle shipping from a major city such as Los Angeles to a major city such as New York will cost less to transport than a vehicle going to a small remote town in Tennessee state. Every time you need to ship a car from or to a remote area it may cost more to transport if it is away from a major highway.


Vehicle Type
Smaller vehicles would cost less to ship a car, while bigger and heavier automobiles will cost more. Therefore, the price of transporting a car across the country will change based on the direction you are going.


The condition of the car
The condition of the car also influences the price greatly. A non-running vehicle will cost more to transport than one in a running condition. It Is always a good idea to request a few car shipping quotes and compare.


Vehicle modifications
In most cases modifications mean that the usual weight and size will change and thus the price to transport the vehicle. Modifications affect the carrier’s total weight of the trailer and this is a reason why the price to ship the vehicle goes up.


Open and enclosed type of transport
Open auto transport is less expensive and is requested the most by private customers and auto dealerships. Enclosed auto transport is the preferred method for sports, luxury, and classic cars because enclosed trailers offer more protection to the vehicle and it’s more expensive than open.


Seasonality affects the price for shipping vehicle. For example, shipping a car to some of the warmer states such as Florida, Arizona and Texas could get more expensive during the snowbird season every spring and winter. For example, you need to transport a car from New York to Arizona, the prices will go up in the winter.


The current price of the fuel
Nowadays the quickly changing gas prices affect the auto transport prices. This is a factor we should not forget about.


Taking all these factors on the consideration, our company is best able to offer you the most affordable price in the industry. Give AM PM Auto Transport a call for a free quote at  (877) 241-2676.

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  1. Billie Arnold

    I am just curious, how does the condition of the car matters in shipping cost? I mean even if someone wants a non running vehicle, why would its shipping cost get high?

    1. FwcVXT6Jn0

      Hi Billie, Thanks for commenting! The condition means if it’s running or not. If a delivery driver can’t just drive the car up the ramp there may be some added charges if they have to use a winch or something to get the vehicle on the trailer. This is less about body condition and more about engine condition. This is like if the car has trouble steering and braking, additional issues may arise. Also, other issues may come from if the tires are flat, the car’s leaking oil, and things like that.

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