E-Commerce Helps Keep Trucking Alive

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E-Commerce is one of the largest businesses right now. With COVID-19 keeping many small brick and mortar shops closed, whoever has lost their staple in their town is switching over to online marketing.

The concept is simple. Now that many are no longer running shops and small business, they are switching to online retail stores. Everything from major mega companies like Amazon to your local shoe store has made drastic switches to their sales.

This is helping to continue the work of the trucking industry. Trucking has seen better days. Even before the industry was in a stand-off with COVID-19, trucking faced some challenges.

COVID-19 threw a screwball at the industry with many businesses closing their doors. This meant that large trucking shipments were no-longer making their way across the country.

With online sales increasing, the level of trucks moving between states is increasing significantly.

E-Commerce Sales Top Highest Increase In US

E-commerce sales are quickly becoming one of the largest retail outlets in the world.

This helps to give truck drivers the ability to ship their supplies to wherever they need to be in the country. With online retail growing fast, the likes of these prospects will continue to grow for the trucking industry.

“I have been able to stay in business because so many people are now shopping online,” says driver Derrek Champlain. “I was struggling when the virus first closed everything down, with e-commerce sites selling more and more, I am back up to pace with how I was before COVID.”

Derrek joins the many truckers who have been bailed out by the current influx of online sales.

As the pandemic continues to spread throughout the country, every industry is feeling the pressure, for trucking, online sales are helping add air to a sinking ship. New obstructions can help pave new paths throughout the pandemic.

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