Expensive! 5 Costly Destination Charges According To Automakers

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As an auto transport company, we know better than to charge you too much money for shipping your vehicles. Though some companies are not as forgiving. This may be due to the idea that destination charges for certain dealerships run pretty expensive. A destination charge can also be categorized as a fixed-rate predetermined by automakers to cover new vehicles going from factories to dealerships. But it gets pricey. Most destination charges are in the $995 to $1695 range. SUVs and pickups occupy more than cars and crossovers do. This is thanks to the space occupied on transport trailers. Here are some of the most expensive ones as of recent.


The Italians know how to create supercars that everyone can get behind. These vehicles, being the Lamborghini Urus, Aventador and the Huracán EVO. This goes pretty well with the fact that there is a base MSRP especially for the Urus at $222,004. There’s nothing else to say about the Lamborghini except that it’s a pretty SUV.


McLaren has a pretty fascinating approach to creating supercars. This is thanks to their skill of prioritizing functionality over fashionability. Yet, the Brits are building these autos for a welcome price tag of $3195. Which in layman’s terms is only about 1.5 percent of the $210,000 base MSRP. Three times as much as the delivery fee for the still expensive Corvette.


Each one of these models have less than $300,000 and it’s looking like even the Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan is passing the half-million-dollar mark. There also happens to be a Cullinan SUV. Not to mention the destination charge of $2750. If that’s not expensive I don’t know what is,


With a lack of expensive models, Lotus has been privatizing its manufacturing section. Which in itself includes so many new and exciting models just waiting to be explored. Of all of them, the Evora GT happens to be the only one showing up in showrooms. Therein lies the raw driving experience of a Lotus with a Toyota-supercharged V-6. The expensive destination charge is $2200.


Finally, Maserati asks for $1995 when shipping their vehicles. This is because they have a history of creating luxurious and performance-minded machines. This is so evident in the Quattroporte with hallmarks-a-plenty. It has a $1995 destination charge that happens to be higher than every other model in the Maserati lineup.

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