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February 28, 2019
Fire Fighters Send a Message About Parking in Front of Fire Hydrants!

Fire Fighters Send a Message About Parking in Front of Fire Hydrants!

ANAHEIM, CA – Firefighters were tired of dealing with rude California parkers, and they decided to retaliate. These fire officials reminded citizens that if you park in front of a fire hydrant it’s likely firefighters won’t mind taking action. During an emergency, firefighters reserve the right to go to any length to put out a fire, so they did.

On Tuesday morning, the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department responded to a residential fire. When they arrived, they found that a car was parked completely in the red and in front of a fire hydrant. The Anaheim Fire Department then posted pictures of the car, with a hose running through it, on their Twitter.

The fire department felt no remorse for their action. They claimed that the citations, towing fee, and window restoration was not worth the closer parking spot.  If a fire breaks out and the hydrant is too close to the car, the windows will be broken if it’s necessary.

The Anaheim Police Department also responded to the incident. Thus, it was them at the scene who physically broke the windows and put the hose through the car. Interestingly, it was not the firefighters themselves.

Although it may look like the incident could have been easily avoided by putting the hose above or below the car, the department retorted. Unfortunately, due to the cost of the hose and the thickness of it, it wasn’t possible. Any damage to the hose would have been substantially more than the cost to fix both of the windows.

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