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Michigan is a ruggedly beautiful pair of peninsulas bordered by four of the five Great Lakes. It has a booming tourism industry, especially in the Upper Peninsula, as people from all over visit Michigan’s forests, the famous lakes it borders (Lakes Michigan, Erie, Huron, and Superior), and freshwater beaches.

Michigan’s capital city is Lansing, while Detroit is its largest city. The state is considered the capital of the American auto industry, as the Big Three American auto companies all have headquarters here. Visitors to Detroit have a lot to do and see. They can visit the Henry Ford Museum to celebrate American innovation. They can check out the Detroit Institute of the Arts and take in famous artwork by artists like Diego Rivera. And Detroit was the home of Motown Records during its most notable period. Visitors to the Motown Museum can watch the history of Motown’s famous artists, including Michael Jackson, unfold.

The rest of Michigan also offers plenty of excitement. Grand Rapids’ Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is considered a local gem with its modern sculpture work and lush gardens. Ann Arbor is home to Michigan University and Michigan Stadium, the largest sports stadium in the U.S. and third-largest in the world. On top of it all, family-friendly events like the National Cherry Festival happen periodically, so make sure to check the news while you’re in town!

All in all, Michigan is a quintessential American state with an illustrious history and plenty of reasons to be a person’s permanent home. With music, nature, and a revitalized city like Detroit, Michigan has plenty of pull on visitors and permanent residents alike.

AMPM Auto Transport in Michigan

If you’ve decided that the state of Michigan is calling you, then before you pack up and go, consider partnering with AMPM Auto Transport. Moving can be a colossal headache, but by working with us, you can tick one task off your list—transporting your vehicles.

AMPM will expertly deliver your vehicles to your new or temporary home in Michigan so you don’t have to bother. In fact, we’re so dead-set on simplifying this task for you, we ship every order door-to-door. No matter if you want enclosed or open transport, your car will arrive at your new doorstep in a matter of days. This offers you the ultimate convenience, allowing you to focus on getting your life in order.

AMPM knows that everybody’s situation is different. This is why we have specialized services for every customer’s unique needs. Perhaps you’re in the service and need to transport a military vehicle. Guess what? We have tons of experience working with our armed forces to ship their vehicles. We have a service for everyone, from students to seniors. The bottom line is, AMPM Auto Transport has dealt with every vehicle under the sun and we’re here to help get yours whereever it needs to go!

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