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Michigan Car Shipping


Learn the ins and outs of AMPM Michigan car shipping!

Michigan is a ruggedly beautiful state in the Great Lakes region that. It’s got a booming tourist industry as people from all over are attracted to its forests, the famous lakes it borders (Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior), and the freshwater beaches.

The state also offers excellent family friendly events like the National Cherry Festival. Plus, many visitors come to visit the iconic city of Detroit. Here they can take in the Henry Ford Museum and Detroit Historical Museum.

Michigan’s capital city is Lansing while Detroit, or if you prefer, Detroit Rock City, is the largest city. The state is also considered the capital of the American auto industry.

All in all, Michigan is a great American state with an illustrious history and an endless number of reasons to be a person’s permanent destination. Music, nature, a revitalized city in Detroit, Michigan has some serious momentum.

AMPM Transportation

If you’ve decided that the state of Michigan is calling you, then before you pack up and go, consider partnering with AMPM Auto Transport. The act of moving is a colossal headache but by working with us, you can tick one hassle off your list – transporting your vehicles. We provide the best Detroit Car Transport services around!

AMPM Auto Transport will deliver your vehicles to your new or temporary home in Michigan so that you don’t have to bother. In fact, we’re so dead-set on simplifying this task for you, we’ll ship it door-to-door. This happens to be our standard service and offers you the ultimate convenience.

With our door-to-door services, you can choose either the open or enclosed method of transport. Both are safe, though enclosed does take the extra precaution of offering complete coverage of your vehicle. Still, it’s slightly more expensive.

AMPM knows everybody’s situation is different so perhaps you’re in the service and need to transport a military vehicle. Guess what. We’ve got you covered. In fact, we have ample experience with this kind of heavy-duty machinery. Bottom line, AMPM Auto Transport has dealt with every vehicle under the sun and we’re here to help get yours where ever it needs to go!

Contact AMPM Auto Transport today, and we’ll set you up with great auto shipping!