Shipping a Car in the Summer

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It’s summer, and that means change. During the summer months, schools let out, people take more vacations, and it seems like everyone wants to find a new place to live. Statistically, most companies will transfer employees to another branch during the slower summer months. However, your move may come from moving to a new college or just wanting a fresh start. However, all of those big moves come with big headaches. This is especially true if your move takes you across the state or even across the country. Can you even fit your whole life into one moving truck? Do you hire movers or figure out how to drive the massive truck on your own? Do you have to report to work before you can drive a moving truck on time? And what about your car? Are you going to take two trips to drive it to your new place?

Most of these questions can be easily answered by hiring a shipping company to move your car for you. This solution is the best way to reduce stress during your move. You won’t have to add additional miles to your car, and you can get there quicker. The only problem with moving in the summer is that everyone else is also moving during the summer. This can cause some issues that not even the sunshine can remedy.

The difficulties of Shipping during the summer

With an influx of people trying to move, shipping companies have a hard time accommodating everyone. After all, there are only so many trailers on the road. With stiff competition, drivers can practically name their price in the summer months, and they oftentimes will. Some people will offer to pay more to get their vehicle on a trailer, and drivers are happy to accommodate them. With all of this competition, it’s not easy to find a deal during the summer peak season. That is, if you can even find a trailer at all. In other words, in the summer time, you may have to be a little more flexible and wait a little longer to ship your car. Schedules are dicey and patience is key.

If you do find a driver to ship your car, you may find that it takes a bit longer to arrive. This is because drivers may have to pick up and drop off cars between their destinations. You can expect a full day’s delay in some cases for every car that’s dropped off. This is because the driver has to exit the highway and perform the drop-off procedures before they can get back on the road. Multiply that by the six to nine other cars on the trailer and you can expect to wait a week longer than before.

If You Can, Wait

If you have the opportunity to delay your shipment for a month or even just a couple of weeks, you could save time and money. After summer comes fall, and fall is by far the best time to ship your car. Most students are back in school, jobs get a little busier, and fewer people need to move. With less demand, you’ll be able to find a better deal. That also means, with fewer cars on the trailer, you’ll be able to get your car faster once it’s loaded.

However, if you can’t wait and need to find an auto shipper who can help in the summer months, AMPM Transport is for you. They can get your car anywhere in America and Puerto Rico at any time of the year without the headache. They offer door-to-door transport and live customer service agents to offer the easiest way to ship a car. Go online and get a free quote delivered instantly to your inbox to see how much they can save you all year round.

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