The U.S. Came Together to Watch the Solar Eclipse

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The solar eclipse reached totality in 15 states.
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Yesterday, the United States came together as a nation to all look up and see a once in a lifetime phenomenon, a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse was visible in varying degrees around the country, with some cities and states having a total eclipse to gaze upon, while others had smaller percentages. At any rate, the solar eclipse was at least partially observable around the entire country. People rushed to buy the proper safety gear in order to allow them to view the eclipse without fear of damaging their eyes. People purchased glasses and other forms of eye shields to maintain proper cornea protection. There were solar eclipse viewing parties and group gatherings for all to watch the eclipse. Businesses were closed in some cities, schools took the day off, and people traveled all around to be able to witness the total eclipse.

This event truly united people across the country for the first time in a long time.

This planetary phenomenon was viewable in Mexico and Canada as well, earning it the nickname of the Great North American Eclipse. 15 U.S. states, as well as parts of Mexico and parts of Canada, all were able to bear witness to the total eclipse. This created a new full blackout as the moon sat directly in between the sun and earth.

Not only did we all unite together to watch it, we were seemingly all united together in our thoughts as well. Google searches for things like “eye pain,” “safe to look at sun,” and so much more increased tenfold. The song Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler was trending. We all formed a near hivemind as we all enjoyed the solar experience.

The types of celebrations for the total eclipse varied from state to state.

Some states and cities had simple picnics and other outdoor gatherings. Others had giant eclipse glasses displays allowing people to look through a larger lens for viewing. Some, like Arkansas for example, hosted special events. In Russellville, Arkansas, they hosted a special festival titled the Total Eclipse of the Heart Festival. In the festival, they held a mass wedding, allowing couples to marry right before the eclipse. Many couples showed up to be wed together and then turn to watch the eclipse with their spouse and also newly married friends.

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