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April 24, 2020
Beach, Trailheads Closed Despite Summer Temps

Beach, Trailheads Closed Despite Summer Temps

As a heat wave warms up Los Angeles this weekend, officials advise the public against trekking out to popular summer hot spots. With temperatures in the 80s, thoughts begin to drift towards the beach. However, with coronavirus still circulating through the population, stay at home measures keep the beach, as well as trailheads, closed.

While the outdoors remain open to those seeking fresh air and sunshine, common areas close to the public.

Closures stretch south to Redondo Beach, as well. The popular waterfront locale also remains closed to the public. Bill Brand, mayor of Redondo Beach, further requested people continue to maintain social distance.

“Enjoy the nice weather, but continue to maintain at least 6 feet distance from others and wear a mask where required,” he said. Presently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of masks in situations where people still gather, such as grocery stores and other essential businesses.

However, Brand also praised social distancing thus far, stating that it’s been working.

Police Monitor Beach, Public Areas

While the current order prevents people from congregating at the beach and other public areas, police take a light approach to enforcement. Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore says his officers focus primarily on an educational approach.

Mostly, people adhere to social distancing measures. Though, those that haven’t have been receptive to officers when told to leave an area. By and large, Angelenos cooperate to step the spread of covid-19.

This weekend will be a true test of the city’s will power. While other states ease restrictions, some buckling to political pressure to reopen, LA residents might feel inclined to flout the social distancing order. Furthermore, protests against various states’ orders disregard law in favor of personal interest.

However, covid-19 remains a threat to the country. Health experts’ models show California still has its peak in the weeks ahead. So, Moore asks people to continue as they have and stay home to stay safe. “Save the police the awkwardness of us having to admonish you and advise and direct you for something that you already know,” he said.

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