Hispano Suiza Carmen Restarts The Electric Hypercar Name

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The classic Spanish car brand, Hispano Suiza, has long been dead. However, in recent memory, the brand has been chosen to enjoy the collaboration between the founder Damián Mateu Bisa and the chief engineer Marc Birkigt. The former from Spain and the latter from Switzerland. Translated, “Hispano Suiza” means “Spanish-Swiss.” So that’s likely to commemorate their union of cooperation. Beyond the founding to the finale of it’s existence during World War II, the company was able to produce about 12,000 cars in both Spain and France. The company would then switch towards building armaments and aircraft engines.

Hispano Suiza has now two future attempts to create new cars.

Hispano Suiza has a combo of four-figure power outputs while also leading with seven-figure prices. But this is all led with competitiveness, unlike anything Hispano Suiza has seen before. Switzerland sees that the company is being heralded by Erwin Leo Himmel, who happens to be on the ball with a “Maguari GS1.” This vehicle happens to be in the interest of supercharged Audi V-10s with 1085 horsepower. In Barcelona, the Spanish version is creating the hypercar Hispano Suiza: Carmen.

The Carmen happens to deliver 80-kilowatt hours with a 700-volt battery pack that can deliver electrons to the four AC motors at the rear axle. In which case, each of the two motors are able to work on the wheel through a single-speed gear. Both versions are going to be offered for a peak of 1005 horsepower. Followed by the turned-up Carmen Boulogne, which shares the name of Hispano Suiza’s famous victories.

The Hispano Suiza clocks in at about 3725 pounds, which weighs pretty well by the standards of high-output EVs, as well as with 1765 pounds of that massive weight from the T-shaped battery pack. The battery is located with a 40/60 front-to-rear weight distribution.

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