How To Prevent Cargo Theft This Holiday Season?

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According to the statistics, this holiday season brings a higher risk of cargo theft. So today in our blog you can find some useful tips and tactics you can use to prevent your cargo from being stolen.

  • Only use the lots that are secure. It should have barriers to prevent unauthorized access such as a tall chain link fence with a barbed wire.
  • Before you pull into the lot, make sure to close trailer doors so no one can see what kind of cargo you are shipping.
  • If there are security patrols on the lot with a high value cargo, make use of it.
  • There are also various types of security technologies to keep your trailer safe. There is special equipment such as landing gear locks and king pin locks. It is also a great idea to install electronic security locks that have alarm systems placed on trailer doors. When shipment is in transit, it’s good to use access control equipment like GPS tracking on trailer doors and a tamper detection alarm system.
  • Implement a Red Zone of at least 250 miles. Make sure to rest enough and fuel your truck in order to be able to not to stop for a long time.
  • If anything seems out of ordinary while you are loading a trailer or when you are on your way shipping cargo, you should report it.
  • Don’t discuss your cargo and any details with anyone. Don’t talk about the contents, locations and routes to people who are not supposed to know about them.
  • A no drop policy is also a great idea. Make sure your trailer and tractor are secured.

We hope your cargo will be safe this holiday season! If you have any additional tips that can help drivers take care of trailers safety, feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. Craig

    Great tips! I think the most important (and quite logical if you ask me) is the one about getting plenty of rest and fueling up so there is no need to stop anywhere for a long time. And no one else should know your route or your cargo unless you want trouble.

  2. Megan

    I’ve had a vehicle broken into — luckily no important cargo, but I know how horrible the feeling is. Thanks for these tips. I definitely think a secure lot is really important, but there might not always be one nearby, which is when technology is great.

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