The Largest Brush Fire in LA history over 30 Years

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Until this past weekend, the hillsides of Burbank had not seen a serious brush fire in decades once that was started near the 210 Freeway rapidly escalated.


However, currently all evacuation orders are lifted, 210 freeway is open again since fire officers handled the issue.


On Friday when the fire started, the fire engines of the city were sent to the original fire first but soon they came back to protect their hometown after being informed that the fire has a potential to crest the hills and come toward Burbank.


The first fire brush started at about 1.30 on Friday it was not handled until 4:51 afternoon. It started to be sufficient matter of concern that the first brush assignment was dispatched in Burbank.
Units located themselves near Country Club Drive and Brace Park and starting to wait for the fire to crest the hills and spread toward Burbank homes.


When the path of the fire was looming Burbank firefighters gave obligatory orders to everyone essentially above Brace Canyon Park all the way over the Cabrini Villas.


Soon, when the battle was engaged, the struggle to save homes on the hill began. Firefighters, as well as engines from Southern California, were part of the joint command that was run in the area of Burbank.


On  Saturday afternoon, more than 500 firefighters were on scene, and the main port of I-210 remained closed. Officials worried inhabitants in the area to stay indoors and avoid outside activities because of serious smoke. Police expect compulsory evacuation orders to remain until Sunday afternoon.


“Despite fire size, we remain confident in the plan in place and the work all firefighters at the incident are doing in defending property and lives,” said the Los Angeles Department of Fire.

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