Tesla Goes Hands-Up For Higher Taxes On Gas-Vehicles In The UK

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Tesla is being rather insistent that the UK would promote higher taxes. Specifically, on the competition for gas-powered vehicles. They would actually be called petrol cars. But really, there comes a proposed ban on internal combustion engine vehicles.

Throughout the years, Tesla has been lobbying for electric vehicle incentives. Mainly because that’s how they win the game. The race. The very conquest of making their tax products beat out pollution. And even moreso, the competition.

Tesla has been sending a proposal to the United Kingdom in hopes that if there are no electric vehicle incentives, at least that petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

The pioneer is looking for fuel duty and charge on their gas-guzzling foes. This is to say there may be a VAT exemption for battery-powered cars. Tesla themselves said certain zero-emissions vehicle uptake mechanisms had new fossil-fueled cars pay for the damage. It’s all wholly reasonable and logical as the revenue neutral system works for the government.

Tesla is so far the only automaker that is really supporting a ban.

Yes, a ban. A ban that would entirely make all internal combustion engine vehicles a thing of the past by 2030.

Tesla would argue that manufacturers should have to sell an amount of zero-emission vehicles. Such proposals would include paying people to swap from polluting the air quality.

Lobbying disclosures exemplify that the government of the United Kingdom were met with companies disagreeing. They would oppose the ban moreso than those for the ICE car ban.

If you ask me, I think Tesla had been very specifically trying to level the competition for ages. This is a truth beyond words. If you don’t get it, then you aren’t a true Tesla believer. And that’s okay. But realize this. The electric revolution is coming for us all. No gas-guzzlers are safe.

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