You are a Truck Driver and don’t Know What to do to Stay Awake Longer? Here are 10 Tips that will Surely Help you

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Truck drivers’ schedule is very unpredictable. Usually, they have to drive many long hours and ways in order to get their job done. If you want to be a productive and safe trucker then staying awake and getting prepared for long period of driving is critical for you. The following 12 ways will help you to stay awake as well as to get prepared for a long trip.


Try to Avoid Stark Contrast Lights at Nights

The high contrast between pitch black and the bright lights will make your eyes feel sleepy for a long time. You have dashboard lights and bright headlights in your face while you are sitting in a dark vehicle surrounded by pitch black night. In this case, you are highly recommended to drive with soft red lights in order to light the interior of the vehicle just a little. In addition, you can turn your dash lights down so that they bright just enough to see the gauges. Please be noted: never look at the approaching headlights instead of off to the side.


Control your Emotions

Trucking is not an easy deal. Truck drivers often have many job-related problems. For instance, you might have a fight with your dispatcher, or maybe you have some problems with your truck. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason all that frustration will only hurt you. You will better let it go.


Do Not Get Too Tired

If you continue to keep pushing on when you are already tired you know you are doing something extremely dangerous. Your body needs sleep. If you wait until you will be tired to get a sleep you do not recover yourself. You will give a chance to your body to recover if you go to bed earlier or take frequent naps. Always remember the more tired you are when you get some sleep the less attentive you are going to feel when 7you wake up.


Law the Temperature

“I love the winter because I sleep better when I’m feeling cold.” This phrase would hardly be heard by someone since we used to sleep better when we are comfortable and warm. You want to sleep when there is a high temperature in a vehicle. Therefore, you should low the temperature in the cab. Make the temperature pretty cool. It will make you more alert.


Turn the Radio Off

Your radio music as well a stalk shows can be highly entertaining but also tiring. Your mind is functioning every time it gets a new piece of information. When you bombard your brain with new information you get more and more exhausted. Drive along for a while adoring the soft hum of the engine and wheels going down the highway. You’ll feel more calm and relaxed.


Turn Your Radio Back On!

The silence gets exhausting after a while also. The never-ending hum of the engine and wheels is relaxing, but maybe it’s putting you in a sleep. In this case turn the radio on, or a talk show for a short time and get yourself up a little bit.


Get A Cup Of Coffee!

Caffeine gives you a nice boost once in a while. It is surely no replacement for sleep. But it’s a good way to get a little tone when you’d like one. According to the National Sleep Foundation the alert, awake feeling you experience from the caffeine in your coffee can be apparent 15 minutes after you drink the cup of coffee. Caffeine stays in your body for some hours, and six hours after you finish your coffee only about half the caffeine has been removed.


Avoid Large Portions of Food

A full stomach makes us sleepy. Instead of large meals ones eat a lot of smaller meals during the day. You’ll feel better.


Do Exercises or Walk

You’ll be astonished at how much of a change a five-minute walk to the truck stop or rest area can make. Walking and exercises are two things that help you to fresh your mind as well as be more and more alert.


Always Find Time to Take a Nap

It’s really amazing what an unbelievable difference a short nap can make. One or two short naps per day can help keep you wakeful and alert for a long time.



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