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Open car transportation is our most popular service!
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At AMPM Auto Transport, we work morning, noon, and night to get your vehicles to you! With our shipping services, we offer a variety of shipping options. We can have your car shipped from door-to-door or even expedite the shipping process! Furthermore, we can have the car shipped with either enclosed or open car transportation.

Open car transportation is our number one car shipping service!

You may now be wondering, what exactly does open car transportation mean? Well, our open car services are when we transport vehicles on a truck with an open trailer. If you have ever been driving and seen a truck with a trailer attached in which you can see the cars it is hauling, that is an example of open air transportation. It gets its name from the fact that your car is out in the open air!

What are the benefits of open air transportation?

This is a great question! The answer is simple: even though your car is out in the open, when it is in the hands of AMPM Auto Transport, it is 100% safe! When it is shipped in the open, your car is obviously going to be exposed to outside forces. The wind will blow at your car, and the elements can touch your car, but we still provide complete protection for your vehicle. Your car will have shipping insurance with us, so if anything does somehow happen to your car, you will be protected. We also have the best and most trustworthy drivers in the business, so they will ensure that no harm comes to your vehicle. Additionally, open air transportation is a significantly less expensive option, so you will be saving money while keeping your car safe!

Fun Fact: Studies actually show that less than 5% of cars are damaged when being shipped by auto shipping companies, such as AMPM Auto Transport. With this reassurance, we hope you fully trust us that we will keep your vehicle completely safe from pick-up to delivery!

Another great benefit to open car transportation is that it allows the shipment of multiple vehicles to be shipped together. This means if you are a multi-car household, you can ship all of your cars together to guarantee they reach their new home at the same time.

Whether you decide to go with our open car transportation shipping method or choose another one of our options, your vehicle(s) will be in the hands of the best auto shipping company on the market!


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