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Starbucks Forced to Put Cancer Warnings On Cups: 1st Amendment Violation or Not?

October 11, 2018

The Council for Education and Research on Toxics released a lawsuit against coffee vendors in the state of California, forcing to put cancer warnings on labels. The lawsuit forces to comply with Proposition 65. Over millions of dollars have been taken from coffee brewers such as Starbucks for the same cancer sign warning violations till this day. A .... Read More

We Are To be Slaves to Machines: Artificial Intelligence Predicting Earthquakes

August 30, 2018

Nowadays, when the technologies are developing very fast, there is not much to do than sitting and following. Artificial Intelligence is about to take our will and decide everything for us. But is it possible or is it required? Everyone has its own opinion. And now, a new type of artificial intelligence will be using its brain to mapping earthquake .... Read More

The New Type of Screening at Metro Areas Will Prevent Terrorist Attacks

August 16, 2018

Los Angeles’s transit agency becomes the first in the US to deploy a network of body scanners to screen passengers. The aim of the network is to avoid terrorists’ attacks on rail and subway stations as the federal government looks for enlarging all kinds of screenings beyond airports.   The Transportati .... Read More

How to Keep Your Personal Data Safe as a Trucker: 6 Tips to Be Secure

August 2, 2018

When asking a trucker what the most important thing on the road is, he/she will surely answer “safety”. Indeed, you as a trucker, care about your life, as if something can happen on the road. But what about the safety of your personal information?   Legal complications can threaten trucker’s livelihood. And that’s might be one of .... Read More

Bay Area Association Government Seeking for Commute Solving Ideas

July 23, 2018

Do you live in the Bay Area? This is for you.   Are you fed up with Bay Area traffic? The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments want to hear from you.   A campaign is ongoing to promote big and small ideas to solve Bay Area's commuting burdens.   "Gotta love the bay, peop .... Read More

5 Tips for Truckers When Celebrating The Fourth of July

July 3, 2018

Celebrate July 4th on the road in style and get some information on the best eats, fireworks and more. We suggest these 5 tips for celebrating the Fourth-trucker style. Here we go:   1. Foremost: Stay Cool and Hydrated There are several ways to get burned out from heat exhaustion, from physical activity to lack of w .... Read More

Google Just Introduced the Better Version of Siri and Alexa!

June 27, 2018

Google is giving us a new software that is better than Apple’s Siri! Well, I don’t know if better is the right word, but Google’s new Duplex AI is definitely more intelligent.   Duplex AI was first introduced by Google in May this year, however, yesterday was the first day that the company publicly tested the software for people to .... Read More

Wildfire Season is Officially Here: It Predicted to be As Bad As Last Year

June 15, 2018

Fire crews were dealing with brush fires occurring in El Sereno and San Bernardino. Chiefs from across the southern California region were meeting in Bellflower to coordinate response to the wildfire season already underway.   "This one has started out as active as last season was," observed Thom Porter, chief of Cal Fire's southern regi .... Read More

Trucking Job Opportunity: Is Your Company Ready for Amazon Freight?

May 31, 2018

Amazon Transportation Services has a developing presence across North America. This area is full of the blue trucks with the distinctive Prime logo that are daily reminders of the high volume of highway freight Amazon generates. However, Greg Sellers tells that those trailers are just the little part of the iceberg that represents a real opportunit .... Read More

How Does ELD Hurt You and Our Nation?

May 15, 2018

Outside of nation’s cosmopolitan centers are thousands of miles of American farmland, road, nature, and small communities, ranging from even the outskirts of the Washington, D.C. area to the Heartland itself.   Thousands of trucks, trains, ships, and planes traverse our nation, every day, transporting food, industrial materials consume .... Read More

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