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Why Are Truckers Not Knights Of The Road Anymore?

October 7, 2015

There were times when truckers were seen as the knights of the road. They were clean cut and proudly wore their uniform with badges showing the years in service. It's very different nowadays. When we meet a trucker, it's usually a guy who looks like he's been forgetting to shower for a week and his T-shirt is dreaming of laundry. No wonder there .... Read More

Obama Wants to Speed Up Infrastructure Projects

September 28, 2015

The White House is aiming to speed up Infrastructure projects. The new guidelines have been issued to make the review and approval of infrastructure projects quicker. There's no funding needed, and the approval from the Congress is also not required. In 2012 the Federal Infrastructure Permitting Dashboard was launched. It was created to track ho .... Read More

How to make trooper-trucker relations better?

September 25, 2015

Relationships between troopers and truckers have always been kind of complicated. There are lots of various federal regulations and if they are violated, the driver is the one facing the consequences. So if truckers have some questions, they can be simply afraid to ask because they think they might get ticketed or be placed out of service. It makes .... Read More

What Are 3 Great Ways to Save Money For a Trucker?

September 16, 2015

It is a fact that money is easier spent than earned, and for truckers it is not different. Being a truck driver is a lifestyle itself and most of the time it doesn’t involve saving money. It is so easy to spend your hard earned pay at fast food restaurants and casinos and other places one might actually live without. So is it possible for a drive .... Read More

How To Save Over 50% In Fuel? Look At This Truck!

September 9, 2015

Model 587 of the Class 8 Peterbilt was tested last fall for over 11 runs which is over 11 thousand miles. The testing was happening on the Route 287 in Texas. The tests showed that the model powered by a Cummins ISX15 engine met SAE International standards. The truck’s gross weight is 65 thousand pounds and it scored 9,9 mpg during the testing be .... Read More

How To Stay Healthy Over The Road?

August 28, 2015

It’s pretty obvious that trucking is one of the unhealthiest jobs thanks to the lifestyle truck drivers tend to lead. It’s no surprise considering the nature of the work. It’s a monotonous routine in many ways. The sleeping schedule is often messed up and the eating habits can be pretty bad. And how easy it is to feel hungry just because you .... Read More

Life of Lady Truckers

August 24, 2015

There’re way more women you can see on the road working as truck drivers than there were ten years ago. So what is it like for a woman to live a trucker’s life? And how is it really different from that of male drivers? A lot of trainers actually say that in some aspects women are better drivers, despite any stereotypes. They are often more c .... Read More

Should teenagers be allowed to drive big rigs?

August 18, 2015

There are debates if the Congress should lower the legal age for the truck drivers to 18. The reason to do it is that the industry needs more drivers to fill up their trucks and be on the road. Of course, people argue if it's safe enough, what the pros and cons are, etc. But there's one more point to ponder and it's the training that young drivers .... Read More

Vehicle Cybersecurity

August 14, 2015

Around 30,000 people die on the road every year in the United States. The vast majority of these crashes happened as a result of human error. These days it is quite possible that many of those accidents could have been avoided if there was no human factor. There are many technologies that can prevent collisions from happening. There can be a forwar .... Read More

Congress Decides Whether To Lower Big Rig Driving Age To 18

August 11, 2015

Republican senators think it's a good decision to lower the semi-truck driving age from 21 to 18. This idea is not new. Lowering the legal age for truck drivers has been proposed a few times already but it seems like now the trucking industry stands in need of more drivers even more than ever. Teenagers can drive big rigs (Class 8 commercial tru .... Read More

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